Clorox Scentiva Foam Cleaner, Pacific Breeze & Coconut, 20 OZ (1.25 LB) 567 g

Dahdoul Inc.

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Clorox Scentiva Bathroom Foam Cleaner in the amazing Scentiva scent of Pacific Breeze & Coconut, deodorizes and disinfects leaving your bathroom sparkly clean. The foaming spray, cleans with the power of Clorox, cutting through tough grime on any bathroom surface. Clean and disinfect as the foam penetrates pesky soap scum, cleaning15x faster than bargain brands while leaving a fresh tropical scent. This aerosol spray cleaner, provides lofty foam coverage in a bleach free formula to clean dirt, grime and soap scum from a variety of hard non porous surfaces including toilets, showers, bath tubs, garbage cans, counters, sinks, appliances and more. Easy to use, just shake can, spray 6-8 inches from the surface and allow the foam to penetrate soap scum or heavily soiled areas and then wipe or rinse clean with a dry paper towel or cloth. Clorox Scentiva Bathroom Foam Cleaner, Pacific Breeze & Coconut, cleans like Clorox, smells like serenity.