14 Pieces Peach Caramel Roaring Fork Shower Curtain with Liner

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🚿 Features of the 14 Piece Roaring Fork Shower Curtain Set:

1 Piece 70"x72" Jacquard Shower Curtain (With Button Holes):
🌟 Combining elegance and durability.
🏡 Adds a sophisticated atmosphere to your bathroom.
1 Piece 70"x72" Eco-Friendly PEVA Liner (12 Metal Grommets):
🌿 Equipped with environmentally friendly PEVA material.
🔗 Metal grommets preserve the shower curtain's beauty.
♻️ Eco-conscious design.
12 Pieces Silver Rollerball Hooks:
✨ Shiny silver rollerball hooks for easy hanging.
🚿 Adds a modern touch to your bathroom.
This specially curated set is designed to enhance your bathroom experience. Elevate your bathroom with the Roaring Fork Shower Curtain, bringing together style and functionality. 🌟

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